Integrating Genesis R&D to Automate Your Innovation Workflow


Integrating Genesis 涩里番 with other key product data systems improves cross-functional collaboration, ensures that critical data is synchronized and accurate, and provides 鈥渄esign for compliance鈥 capabilities that enable your organization to spend less time reacting and more time innovating.

ESHA has partnered with FoodChain ID to help customers streamline the integration process. FoodChain鈥檚 Intelligent Connections听leverages prebuilt templates to connect nutrition analysis and Nutrition Facts label data in Genesis 涩里番 with common ERP, PLM, and MDM vendor solutions.

During this webinar, we cover:

  • Genesis 涩里番 Foods Product Formulation and Labeling Compliance Tools
  • Capabilities of the Genesis 涩里番 API
  • Benefits of using pre-built integration accelerators to connect Genesis 涩里番 with other applications
  • Foundational integration use cases

Guest Speaker, Faustine Sonon, Menu & Packaging Development at Chick-fil-A, shares their experience with integrated compliance and how they’re using this offering to streamline and improve their overall NPD process.

Click here to download the slide deck.