We have been using the Genesis R&D program since the early 90s, and I have been extremely happy with it. The layout is very user-friendly and the databases are comprehensive and, with the support program, always up-to-date. The few times that I have needed help, usually due to an error on our end, I have found their technical support folks to be responsive and very helpful. I would highly recommend this program.
Jim Kearns
Technical Director
World Flavors, Inc.
Using the Genesis R&D software has shaved hours and maybe even days off of the time it used to take me to calculate the nutritional data on a formulation and determine the appropriate claims I could make. Without Genesis R&D, I would need to spend valuable time searching the CFR, Internet, and other resources for the information on food labeling and claims.
Ellen J. Hurwitz
Director of R&D
Giraffe Food & Beverage Inc.
涩里番 Food Processor Diet Analysis and Fitness Software is a superb and well-designed program. It helps me to produce award-winning books, complete with detailed tables that show the content of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals in an immense variety of foods. It allows me to quickly and accurately analyze recipes. It enables me to conduct nutrition analyses of client diets and to provide beautifully laid out and individualized reports based on their food and fitness records, and anthropometric data. 涩里番 customer support is outstanding and the nutrient database is accurate, current, and continually being updated.
Vesanto Melina, RDN
Becoming Vegetarian Nutrition
I have been using Food Processor by 涩里番 for more than 20 years (it holds all of that data too). I like all aspects of the program, and the technical support is great. You can add your own items, recipes, etc. It鈥檚 user-friendly and cost effective for an individual and I can tell you, it鈥檚 paid for itself several times over the years I have been using it.
Barbara Wakeen, MA, RDN, LD, CCFP, CCHP
Correctional Nutrition Consultants, Ltd.
I鈥檓 a big fan of the nutrition analysis software by 涩里番. The databases are well researched and documented, the programs are very easy to use, the reports are great and easily-exportable, and the support is outstanding. Many of the recipe and nutrition sites on the web that include a nutrition analysis function are powered by ESHA databases, so depending on what your project entails you might want to pursue that option with ESHA as well.
Karen C Duester, MS, RD
Food Consulting Company
The Genesis R&D Professional training was so great! I applaud you all for working together to provide such great content. Truly, thank you!
Tara Starr
Senior Advisor, Food Safety & Quality
Matrix Sciences International Inc.
Genesis R&D has been working great for us and we鈥檝e been thrilled with the support.
James Wallace
Sales & Marketing Manager
CMS Fine Foods
Genesis R&D is AWESOME. I am very happy with it so far and have already used it for several applications. It is user-friendly, which was one of my concerns going in. The lab we used to perform nutritional analysis in the past charged us $750 per item so this software will pay for itself within a couple of more uses. This makes the bean counters very, very happy. I cannot believe all the detail that this program offers.
Mark Westhausser
Customer Service Manger
Genesis R&D has allowed Nett Nutrition to provide our clients with confidence in our resources and credible information. ESHA's staff has been extremely professional and supportive. They provide personalized service and never leave a question unanswered.
Annette Schottenfeld, MBA, RD, CDN
Nett Nutrition, Inc.
I have been using the ESHAtrak software to assess my own dietary intakes and activity outputs for several days now. I am doing so in preparation for introducing it to my students in a week or so. It is so easy to use--as I am sure you are aware.